Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Up the stairs to Carnevale

We unpacked and then went up the stairs, and stairs and stairs to the supermacato. We needed wine and some food to have back at the apartment. We at going to see what is happening tonight at Sciacca Carnevale 2014 so we didn't want to buy too much.. Just the staples...two bottles of Sicilian vino, tonno tuna, breadsticks, one bottle of coke and Cuban Rum (we haven't had this since our last visiting 2012). Yes, that's a very special rum and coke.

After draining off the to of the coke bottle and adding the run we were ready to see what this year's Carnevale has in store.

You will see from the photos it was once again a fabulous time...

Then we staggered and fell (hopefully with not to much damage done) back home to Le Cassette. Joey collapsed into bed and I hung up our wet clothes and made myself a late night snack of tonno tuna, breadsticks and a hot cup of orange spice tea laced with some more of that Cuban Rum.

Over to the couch I go.

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