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Domenica: 5 Febbraio 2012

Domenica: 5 Febbraio 2012       

I am really trying to shake this cold and sore throat so I stayed in bed a bit late until Joey tempted me out with toast and cappuccino! Very cloudy this morning, but at least it isn't snowing like it has been these last few days in most of Italy!

It is so interesting sitting up here above the street level listening to the guys talking outside Bar Charlie. My Dad would have loved to have experienced this. Every once in a while I hear a phrase from my youth.

Bene qua. (good here)

Ma che cos'e. (but what is it)

It think that's what these mean anyway. Mom help me out here?

Mezzo giorno we went out for a walk along the port side. But as we waked out it started to drizzle a bit.  We walked as far as the coast guard station and the big supermercato then circled back by the old railroad station. Most of tracks are gone but you can make out the route.

Joey went back out to walk some more and I started a pot of chicken soup going (with a glass of Rosso Vino in hand). 

This is the first time I was making it with a whole chicken though and substituting garlic for onion (forgot to buy an onion). They didn't have pasta like we have at home so Joey bought Puntine, which looked like tiny rice. Pollo minestra! Just the ticket for a drizzly and chilly afternoon.

Late in the afternoon and still drizzling but it didn't stop the Circus barker from driving through the streets blaring out, trumpeting elephant sound track and all, that the CIRCUS is in town!

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