Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Part 1: "Acquazzone" (downpour) then pesce per cena

The next day Tuesday, March 4th was really a rainy wash out, "acquazzone" downpour.

But we still had fun. Given the rainy day we decided to get some fresh fish and make zuppa di pesce, pesce fritte, cozza (mussels). We had a recommendation from Emanuela of a pesce negozio (shop), Pescheria Xaccamare. The proprietor Salvatore was great! He advised on what pesce would be good for soup and what would be good to fry. 

The resulting feast was: 

Cozza (mussels) in a Aglio (Garlic) white wine broth for antipasto which Joey made based on the mussel appetizers we love having in the States.

Then a walk...

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