Friday, February 3, 2012

In transit Canaan to Sciacca; 31 Gennario 2012 and 1 Febbraio 2012

31 Gennario 2012 

Up early, once more we make sure we have what we need, load bags into the Element and off we go to Wassaic, NY to make the 8:35 a.m. MetroNorth connection to Grand Central. Thanks Lizzie!

By 1 p.m. after lunch in Grand Central and running the gauntlet of shuttlebus drivers on Park Avenue we arrive at JFK, formally Idlewild airport. But not until we make a side stop, stuffed like Sardines into the shuttle van, at Laguardia. Who knows what Laguardia's first name was? (write it in the comments and say how you know that). We wait to check in at Alitalia with a few drinks. Bags checked and with no incidents going through security we now wait for our 5:35 flight to Roma.

1 Febbraio 2012

Arrived in Roma. Took a long time through customs. We rushed to the other end of Leonardo DaVinci Airport (Gate 30) only to find that the 9:12 flight to Palermo is going to be delayed 50 minutes. Should still give us time to find the bus to Sciacca (we hope).    

Arrived Palermo (nice to be back) about 11:30 a.m., took time to get bags and go through customs and exiting security. Asked about the bus to Sciacca (and we actually understood, most of the response), departs the aeroporta here at 3 p.m. (that's the trouble with not having a car, you are always at the mercy of the schedule. Also it seems that there is only one bus per day between here and Sciacca so getting back here for our 11 a.m. return flight is going to be a challenge.

We had Arancini con carne (fried rice and meat ball) a Sicilian snack while sitting out on the terrace (with all the smokers), with the Mediterranean sea just over on the other side of the airport service road.

So now we wait for the bus.  Watching a bunch of little kids running and playing and noted how easily they spoke Italian.  It would be a challenge for us to have a conversation with a four year old.  But we're determined to learn the language.

Joey asked again where the bus stop was and then went to see, then came back and asked them if that was the right place. "Si".

So about 2 p.m. We walked out across the street from the terminal entry and down to the right to a large parking lot where the buses come it. I asked a woman waiting with a pile of luggage if this is where the bus to Sciacca comes in (but she didn't really know). Then I asked a bus driver who was parked there the same question, but he wasn't sure either. Then a guy came into the other end of the lot, so I walked over and asked him. He was a doctor and worked in Roma and he was heading home for the Festival of the Madonna in Sciacca. Ok!

We talked with him for a while and got the run down on the festival. In fact, his brother and he were going to carry one of the banners in the procession. The bus came and we were off for Sciacca!

Before getting off our doctor friend told us that our stop was the second one in Sciacca at the town center. He also told the driver in Italian that we should get off there. He was so generous with his help! I wish we had asked him his name. 

Motto grazie, dottore!


  1. Fiorello! Living in New York for a while, you get to know the names of the previous mayors. :)

    Have fun over there!

  2. Exactly right! We are really enjoying it here even though the weather has been pretty cold. It is warming up though now every day! The people are great! Thanks for the comment. Bernie


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