Saturday, February 25, 2012

Churches, jail and elephants: 20 Febbraio 2012

Took some time today and discovered things that we missed.

Inside of the Bastion... ancient churches, (ancient churches put to new uses, note the barbed wire along the roof, "Come sa dice jail?" "Prigione."), Porta San Salvatore.... XVI Century elephants... A bell tower... The beautiful interior of Santa Margherita founded by Eleonora of Aragona in 1342 and rebuilt (and now in need of restoration) 250 years later...

Bastion tower for rent call 3473852680. Now wouldn't that be cool!

How about that for a stone paving job. I think The Gathered Hedge yard side needs a paved stone area like this!

Note: Clicking the photos with text will make them large enough to read.

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