Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cooking: 11 Febbraio 2012

Joey came home from her morning walk with greens (what they are called we aren't sure) for my Minestra con Verdura (soup with greens)! If you happen to know what these greens happen to be please use the comment post below to let us know too...

The plan is that I will finish the line work on "Le Cassette" drawing and then we will cook together (and later I plan to get a haircut, Siciliano style).

The menu today is: (So glad we brought the Sicilian cookbook we bought last time we were here!)

Antipasto - a selection of local green olives and breadsticks.
Primo - Minestra con Verdura (greens, pasta, provalone, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper)
Secondo - Sarde a Beccafico (fresh sardines that Joey found yesterday, and a b* to clean, she told me to say, breadcrumbs, toasted-chopped almonds, black Sicilian olives, anchovy fillets, zest of lemons, she picked these in that olive grove yesterday, sugar, capers, salt, pepper)

No wonder you never see many women out and about in the morning here, they are at home cooking that big midday meal!

We already had our dessert this morning. A yummy pastry from Bar Charlie stuffed with dolce ricotta (the same filling as in cannoli).

So with it still very chilly and no sun out we set about cooking and warming the apartment up at the same time.

Buon appetito!

So how do you communicate what you want when you don't speak too much Italiano, to a barber who doesn't know much English.

I pushed my hair straight back from my forehead and said, "Mi piace", grabbed by ponytail and said, "Non mi piace". He said, "Si." He was a fine barber (a little bit of a trek to go get a haircut though) and I got just the cut that I wanted. "Molto buono!" I feel so... as my barber said, "Liberare!" (free). "Si."

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