Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Bazaar and lunchtime picnic

Today we go up the stairs to the Rhabatt.

On our way we stopped in at Leo and Angela's Paneficio for some bread to munch on as we climb to the top of the city to San Michele and the outside market in the Rhabatt (link to 2012 post District.

I hope Joe took some photos! (link to 2012 post of the Saturday market

I did find some material to use for painting on.

White pillow cases with a subtle pattern that will be cool to dye with locally gathered pigments and then paint my black designs onto.

Then we had a picnic in a park on the top of the old wall looking out over the city.

I hope Joe has some photos her too. My camera was in my bag that we were using for a table.

Windy, chilly but very nice.

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  1. Pics are on my FB profile, feel free to grab any you like! :)


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