Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bar Charlie and the postcard: 8 Febbraio 2012

By Joey

After the ride back down the mountain, we decided to stop in at Bar Charlie, our friendly bar next door, for a capuccino, sambuca, and a snack.

When we arrived, Franco greeted us waving a card. It turned out to be a postcard from Paris. Okay, not really, it was my good friend from Lakeville, CT sending me a post card. Fun that it arrived at the bar next door and they knew it belonged to us. Such as it is in a little town.

After we shared a dessert type thing that was made of little tiny balls of fried dough and dunked in honey, we went up to our apartment and I cooked up the fish stock and made a fish soup. It came out great. Partly because for the recipe we had saffron which at home is $20 for a teaspoon. Here it's $2.50. Fish stock plus onions and celery and potatos and cod with a little
thyme and saffron. Fantastico!

This little dog seems to be all over town. We've seen him down by the port and up near the piazza. Careful little one!

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