Friday, February 17, 2012

A walk on the banchina and la spiaggia: 13 Febbraio 2012

Up late and then down to Bar Charlie for cappuccino and dolce pasticcino (sweet pastry) (one a stuffed sweet cream and one with a very pleasing but not too sweet chocolate filling) while we sit back and sketch for a while watching people come and go.

Then out the end of the outer banchina (jetty) which is one of Joey's favorite places looking back at the city.

I found some more roccia (rocks) to make color out of and Joey found nets of various weights and sizes to make clay patterns and art collages with.

The last photo from the jetty shows the shoreline beaches that we are bound for next.

Along the Stazzone beaches.

We went back home for a few minutes to pack a lunch before heading out to the Stazzone beaches to the west of Sciacca. Out along the paved walk along the shore that was being slowly, and in places more rapidly, eroded away by the Mediterranean. The beach was a mix of sand and stones. Some a composite of aggregate, cement, clay and stone fallen into the sea
over the years and sculpted by the sea into this collage of stone and binder, smoothed and softened by this ancient sea. It is no wonder that on the shores of this sea so many inspired peoples emerged, when they had a sea creating works of art out of the remains of those who came before.

We are here now.

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