Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thinking of making art

I have brought some art making tools and materials and will find local "ingredients" there. Gathered pigments and some paper, tile and cloth surfaces to work on. I brought some linen sheets and tiles too just in case.

I hope to come back with some of "Drawing with Nature" works like I did in 2012 and some tile pieces as well.

I had this dream the other night of a drawing that was similar to the ones I am currently doing but rougher and more root-like in style. I think I will pursue that line of dreaming... I also brought some glazes that I can use with local tile that I find. The Majolica glaze that I brought I hope to apply to local tiles I find and then scrape away to create an image. The only challenge is getting them home to bisque fire or finding a kiln in Sciacca where I could fire them. The other glaze I am bringing is a Liquitex product called "Glossies". This glaze can be applied directly to already glazed tile or glass and then fired in a household oven at 375-degrees. So stay tune for the progress.


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