Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Part 3: Famiglia in Sicilia

Before and after Pranzo we looked at photos and named family members in them. I had brought as a gift a photo album with captioned pictures that spanned the wedding of Calogero through 2013 with a few photos of each son of Calogero and Rosa, their children and some of the great grandchildren. Just a quick introduction of the Re's in America to the Re's in Sicilia.

We took a stroll through Cianciana after Pranzo

Crossing the intersection of streets where Don Gerlando Re was killed. It is commemorated by a plaque on the wall.

Looking down on the town from a shrine at the top of the hill. From this very high vantage point you get 360 degree views of the town and surrounding countryside all the way out to the sea in the distance. Very beautiful!

We continued our walk down the hill...

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