Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back to the beach, searching for 2007 Carnevale site, dinner and Art Cafe Sciacca photo op: 26 Febbraio 2012

We needed to walk off that breakfast of the richest pastry I've ever had so we headed back out to the Stazzone beaches (Joey wants more red coral!).
We searched for more red coral on the way and then found a sunny warm spot bout of the wind to sketch.
After that we headed up through a break in the houses to the road and found our way up to nuovo Sciacca trying to locate the site of the 2007 Carnevale that we attended. So much has changed in this part of the city, a new carabinaiere (police) station, apartment buildings and other things.  After a lot searching and backtracking we finally thought we had the place. In "Extra Bar" I confirmed it with the barista! I hope that we can someday enjoy Carnevale Sciacca again. Or maybe it was truly a once in a lifetime experience!
Back at our Porto home it was time to make dinner.
Carciofi (artichokes) con fungi (mushrooms) for Primo and Pesce Azura (what they call Bluefish here but which appears to be our Mackerel) for Secondo.
Some evening photos on our way back up out of the Porto to the Piazza.
Later at Art Cafe Sciacca we had a photo op with Germano! This is a great cafe just what we needed!

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