Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shopping in the rain: 11 Febbraio 2012

By Joey

Bernie had another morning inside painting and I went out to explore another area.

It was raining again. Raining and raining. Still it was beautiful to see how the city had built itself up against the ancient city walls. And you could just barely travel by car through the narrow alleyways. There was a beautiful little park right on the top of the wall where there was an amazing view of Sciacca.

I feel like a shopaholic because every time I go out, I come back with bags of stuff.

Okay. Today it was smoked almonds and capers and olives and greens and bread. Always fresh bread every day. I can't help it. I came across a Saturday market on the outside of the ancient walls. It was a farmers market like we have at home. If you go into the supermercado, there are practically no vegetables. And what there is, is very expensive. Because people buy from the local farmers that come in to town and set up at markets like this and road side stands everywhere.

Pretty cool!

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