Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finishing "Fa brutto tempo" on a beautiful day: 25 Febbraio 2012

Finally, on this beautiful day with the doors open to the Porto I finished this piece.

But that was after we returned from the Saturday market up in the Rhabbat where we bought fresh artichokes, parmesan, fungi, (pui) toasted almonds. Of course we stopped by Di Leo Angela Panefico on the way up.

We found a new way out to that little park above the wall. Looks like some "paesano" way back was finally fed up with walking all the way to a Porta too!

And picnicked and sketched in that little park atop the castle wall before we came down.

Then I finished the "Fa brutto tempo" drawing!

The drawing is from a photo I took of a storm coming in over Capo San Marcos a few weeks ago during the first time we walked out on the Stazzone beaches.

Joey returned from her walk with "Pasticceria Mignon" from Dantes (but I'll save that story for another post).

Then later we enjoyed a dinner with a Soccer match on the big screen (Milano and Torrino 1 to 1 tie, no overtime, go figure) at L' Arco Antico, and had fun watching the children at the next table. One was having a grand old time, for a 18 month old, mastering three stairs. We talked with one of the men later and exchanged the basics about family and where we were from. People are friendly here! We did polish of a liter of locale vino too!

At about midnight on our walk back to the Porto through the Piazza there were scores of young people enjoying the evening and each others company.         

Title: Fa brutto tempo

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