Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our last day in Sciacca: 29 Febbraio 2012

We hate to leave.

Arrivederci to the guys at Bar Charlie! They were so very welcoming and generous. The drinks, pastry and foods were so very good! Thanks for being our Poste Italiano too!

We spent most of the day on the rocky beach near Rocco Saint Elmo just off the banchina in the port. I spent most of it sitting there trying to lob rocks to land on a flat reef. Joey searched for coral. We polished off another bottle of Porto Palo vino and snacked under the hot sun!

A last walk out on the banchina and a look and sketch of the city.

Tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. We head up to hill to the bus to Palermo and then home.

Grazie a Mille to Daniele and Emanuela, our hosts at Le Casette del Porto di Sciacca.  You created a very comfortable home away from home with a window on an amazing and beautiful culture.  We really enjoyed watching the action of the port and the everyday lives of the "pesce uomi" (fish men) we endearingly called them.  And many thanks to Manuel and Dilip for all your help (like showing us how to turn the hot water back on after we had inadvertently shut it off, clean linens, answering our many questions, and helping to carry 200 pounds of luggage up the hill to the bus stop).

Thank you all for showing us such a wonderful time in a magical real place!

Our place was on what we call the third floor with the shutters open overlooking Bar Charlie, the hub of social activity for the port.


  1. What a fascinating blog. We are going to Sciacca next week and look forward to trying some of your walks. We will go to the art cafe for wifi Bar Charlie is a favourite place of ours

  2. Thanks so much! We are so jealous! Say hello from Bernie and Joey to our friends at Art Cafe and Bar Charlie. Have a great time! It is a special place with wonderful people. Viaggi felici! (Happy travels)

    1. You were fondly remembered in Bar Charlie and the Art Cafe. We had a great week and are now planning our next trip for October, when we hope to see some olive picking and pressing.

  3. That is so great! We think of them both often. Glad you had a great week! Hopefully we can return next year. All the best. Bernie and Joey


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