Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Joey walks the Sciacca jetties: 3 Febbraio 2012

That afternoon I stayed in and nursed my cold while working out a sketch for a new Drawing with Nature work while Joey braved the chilly wind and occasional drizzle and walked the harbor jetties.

A walk on the jetty and a surprise... By Joey

Bernie wanted to do some drawings on this rainy afternoon but me, I wanted to walk.  We hadn't been out among the boats yet and I couldn't wait.  I bundled up and headed over to the jetty that we see outside our window.  I don't know how long it is and I did stop to take a few photos but it took 15 minutes to get almost to the end.  The waves, whipped up by a stormy sea, were spraying over the end and as I stopped to get a photo it started to rain over Sciacca but was still sunny out to sea.  I waited.  Then there it was, a full and strong rainbow.  Fantastico!  There are benefits to walking in the rain.  I walked back and made a tour of the wharves with fishing boats all lashed together.  Couldn't help but take lots of photos of these incredible ships (my Dad is responsible for my love of boats and being in, on, or near the sea).  Along the way, there were about 30 cats feeding out of the dumpsters loaded with fish remains.  Some tame and some skittish.  I walked along another jetty that was headed by a larger than life statue of the Madonna, the patron saint of Sciacca (especially important to the fisherman).  Every few minutes, I would look back at the city and the view from the jetties was just amazing.  Bernie and I will go out there the next sunny day with our sketchbooks and take it all in.

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