Sunday, February 26, 2012

Up the western coast: 22 Febbraio 2012

Up late rain and dampness continuing but we got out to the car and headed up the SS115 and then off an exit that looks like it will take us down to the coast. That exit sent us through Menfi which is unfortunately still recovering from an earthquake in the late sixties.

We found our way down to a lovely beach.

Then onto country roads past fields and fields. One filled with Carciofi (artichokes)!

Then headed toward Porto Palo a little port with what looks like a good summer community. We wound our way up to the tower on the top of the hill at the top of the old town. We did find a interesting property for sale and stopped to look around. The worst house in the best neighborhood!

Moving down and around the low hills we discovered we were in vineyard, olive glove and sheep country. A few days later we found Porto Palo vino Rosso in a local market! Just amazingly beautiful among these rolling hills by the sea.

Joey had read about this stone quarry where the building blocks of the ancient Greek city Selinunte came from. We had spent a wonderful day in Selinunte in 2007 so it was only fitting that we see where all those building blocks came from. The Cave di Cusa was inspiring. Huge disks where carved right out of the rock and then transported to Selinunte ten miles away! Even in the rain it was the place to be this morning.

We had a quick picnic before the rain moved back in.

Up the coast to Mazara del Vallo in the rain. Through the flatlands and into unbroken stretches of ordinary brown stucco buildings.

Mazara del Vallo was nice. It had an impressive waterfront promenade and a Arabic Kasbah Quarter where ceramic tiles proclaimed that we should all work together in harmony. It is a very mixed city of Arabic and Sicilian people.

Further up the coast we entered Marsala another old Arabic city where we toured the Museo Archeologico in a beautifully restored waterfront warehouse. The Museo housed treasures found nearby on land and under the sea. An impressive Phoenician ship that was found in nearby waters was the centerpiece of the Museo.

An interesting day behind us we headed back to Sciacca, with soaked shoes and feet.

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