Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coda della Volpe: 18 Febbraio 2012

The afternoon was turning very nice so we decided to explore the arch we saw to the east of the Porto that goes though the cliff wall.

We brought our sketchbooks and planned to sit for a while in the sun.

The cliff face also had caves that looked more like they were man made than shaped by the sea.

Photos show us moving toward the arch and then through and then viewed from the other side.

In sketching the arch I came up with this expanded line that shapes and shades the contours of the form that I am sketching. I realized that the composite rock forms that I have been fascinated with and collecting here for the past weeks reflect this expanded line. It is so interesting how this experience and the objects that I have encountered here are now informing my work. It will be fun to follow this track for a while and see what comes of it.

After sketching for a while we continued on along the shore and climbed up and over the hill. We found ourselves at that rock garden of words that we had looked down on from the sidewalk high up the cliffside behind us. So I added a, "HELLO".

We then climbed out back up the path to the street level through the field. Opening and closing wire gate fences as we went.

Back on the piazza level at this point we needed a beer. And how is this for full circle, when we sat down in a Piazza Scandaliato outdoor cafe to drink our beer the ceramic tile with the name of the cove where we were sketching faced our table. Now we had a name to associate with the place! Don't you just love it when that happens? I sure do! Makes me feel all is right with the world and I am doing the things I should be doing when I should be doing them.

Then we headed home. Joey has another tasty Sicilian dinner planned!

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