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Postscript 4 Marzo 2012: The ceramic tiles of Sciacca (Part I)

Sciacca, Sicilia, Italy is a center for ceramic art. Painted and carved ceramics as well as sculpted, hand-built and cast work. The traditions run strong here but there is still room for the contemporary and the abstract.

The idea to document all the ceramic tiles we came across in Sciacca was a good one. But one that we were soon to discover could not be done without a better system for photographing and documenting the location of the tiles. There are just so very many! I have numbered all the photos. So if you know the missing location note it in the comments with the photo number or if you just want to comment on a specific photo you can use the number as a reference.

Many of the tiles document the life and events of Sciacca. Others are more personal. Others are city signs, house tiles, and business signs. Others are pure and lovely whimsy. There surfaces range from high relief to the flat painted glaze.

The ones that I did note the location of I have added captions for. The others... happy hunting when you are in Sciacca.

1) Ceramic stairs, Porto Sciacca
2) At top of ceramic stairs, Porto Sciacca
4) Piazza Camidoglio
5) Piazza V. Farina
7) Near Piazza V. Farina
8) Palazzo S. Giacomo Tagliavia
11) Piazza Saverio Friscia
12) Near Piazza Saverio Friscia
13) Via Giuliette Normanna
14) Via Giuliette Normanna
15) Via Giuliette Normanna
16) Via Giuliette Normanna
17) Via San Paulo
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  1. Bonsoir,
    j'étais du 6 au 13 mai dernier à SCIACCA, je pense qu'il s'agit peut-être de votre magasin où j'ai vu en autres des jolis chats, je me suis rendue le samedi 11 mai, le magasin était fermé pour 1 semaine, alors très déçue je suis repartie sans rien, merci de me tenir informée s'il s'agit bien de vous. Cordialement. AP


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