Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exploring: 2 Febbraio 2012

Sciacca long ago was a walled city and in places all that's left of those walls are doors.

Sciacca was divided into four districts: "La Terra Vecchia", the native district, "Il Rabbato", in Arabic "market", "La Cadda" the Hebrew district, and "Il Quartiere", the middle district.

"..."La Terra Vecchia", the native district, included the castles of Perollo (1300) and Luna (1380), the monastery of Giummare (1103)..."

"..."Il Rabbato", in Arabic "market", was the area devoted to commerce and handicraft activities..."

"..."La Cadda" or "Hebrews' ghetto" occupied the northeast part of town characterized by popular house building..."

"..."Il Quartiere" di mezzo or middle district, situated in the west part of the inhabited area, includes Porta Palermo door (1753) and Steripinto Palace..."

As we meandered through the streets we came upon two of these gates.

Porta San Salvatore

Porta Palermo

Interesting passageway...

The city is laced with these passageways. They connect streets and houses and areas together. Many are flat like this one but just as many can be made up of switchback stairs going from one level to another.

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