Saturday, February 11, 2012

Olive groves and Sovareto beach: 9 Febbraio 2012

Sunny day, zero chance of rain, so off we go on our search for the heads of Filippo Bentivegna a local sculptor who got carried away with making heads.

To get there though we would have to walk a curvy stretch of road out of town. To our surprise though we found a long unused stairway passageway to another old railroad station that bypassed the worst of the road.

Unfortunately we took the wrong turn (we found this out walking back) and ended up on the wrong side of highway but on the way to Sovareto beach (which we were able to get exact directions to from two girls out for a walk on the old highway). So we went to the beach instead!

From the photos you can see how far we walked today. The city center is way in the distance.

You can also see Mount Calogero in some of the photos. The area we are walking in today we were looking down on yesterday from up on the mountain!

On the way there and back we walked the old highway, now a crumbling country road, through acres and acres of olive groves. It is olive tree pruning season and an old man was cutting back and burning the cuttings.

We found the beach and ate our small picnic there (we forgot to bring glasses, but we made do) sitting on soft white sands. This beach in the summer would be packed with people from the resorts on the hills above the beach but today we had it mostly to ourselves.

As the sky darkened (remember about that forecast, forget it) we headed back. We took shelter from the rain in a pine grove first. As we continued walking though, the rain began again so we took refuge this time under old olive trees. We picked some oranges and sat there eating them as the rain fell. What a place! Joey then went off and picked some lemons that were growing nearby that she needed for a recipe (she got soaked)! No one bothered us and it was another moment to remember!

We found the way to the right side of the highway on the walk back and found exactly where we went wrong (and right), and exactly where the "heads" were too. We'll get out there on the next sunny day! Ha! It rained on us most of the way back but it was a really wonderful day all told.

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