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Postscript 5 Marzo 2012: La Ferrovia tunnel in Sciacca

The day we first tried to find Il Castello Incantato/The Enchanted Castle of Filippo Bentivegna we found a passageway that would allow us to avoid the worst of the roadway that we would need to walk if we were to get there on foot.

The passageway cut down through an overgrown stone paved walkway. We knew that the there was no current railroad service to Sciacca but from that vantage point we could see tracks crossing the stream cut chasm. The tracks disappeared into a tunnel.

We followed the walk down to what was a small complex of buildings  that appeared to be a closed terme (baths), "Antiche Terme Selinuntine".

Thus began a question that vexed us throughout our stay. Where was the other end of the tunnel?

Any tunnel would have to pass near under the hill that the new terme was built on and under much of the hill above the port. So under the maze of buildings, stairs, roads and passageways that Joey and I had been climbing almost daily to reach the Piazza Scandaliato level of the town was a tunnel! It seemed unlikely to us that such a long deep tunnel would be possible. But we were wrong.

Joey and I did some online searches but couldn't find and reference to the tunnel. But Joey did fine this interesting video.

On the last day of our visit coming down the stairs from the parking lot just below Piazza Scandaliato (the stairs that I did the first drawing of during our time here in Sciacca) I glanced to my left and there it was! We went down to the road that we had crossed so many times walking over a short stretch of track that the worn road surface had exposed. Then up the street to the left. And there was the illusive tunnel access! 

I read that there was some discussion of making the old road bed in places a cycle trail but here hidden by fencing and trees it is now only a place for chickens. 

I wonder if there is an old 1960s model train in there? Now that would be cool!   

Update with information (see Comment below) from: Pietro Fattori on September 19, 2012 3:16 AM

Pictures and website of the narrow gauge railway of Sciacca:

This site is about the trains of Sicilia: (Italiano)
NOTE: To translate this page into English copy this address and paste into search box. When page comes up in results click "Translate".

Photos page link:

These historical photos are from the website above and show trains in Sciacca.



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