Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Out and about: 3 Febbraio 2012

Walking the "sidewalk" tightrope!

We needed more groceries so we went back to the Supermercato. It took us so long to decide (translate) what was dish washing soap from all the rest of the cleaners. There were no American brands! But with the help of a friendly store clerk we found everything we needed.

Espresso (regular and decaf)
Salsa (pasta sauce)
Pepe (pepper)
Gabinetto n carta
Asciugamano n carta
Polenta Farina
Miele Ambrosoli (honey)
Acciuga (anchovies from Sciacca)
Rum (imported from Cuba) (Ok, I need to go to Cuba and get a case of this stuff! I made my "Elixir of Heath" for Joey and I with it and it was oh, so good! This was aged seven years and it is primo in my elixir with honey and Good Earth Spice Tea that I brought along. Perfect for a cloudy afternoon in Febbraio on the shores of the Mediterranean!)

Now we can cook and drink at home!

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  1. Well with the Nutella and Elixir of Health you should be all set! No need for anything else! Well maybe a spoon!


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