Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Out the Porta Palermo gate: 4 Febbraio 2012

I have a bit of a cold coming on but we need some household items like more towels and a latte frother for cappuccino. Some buttons and fresh fish. So we put our walking shoes on and headed out in the direction of the Pesce (fish) Market and where we think there will be small shops to buy what we need.

Here in Sciacca at least you can't find the assortment of items in the same store. No cards in the pharmacy or the grocery store. No small kitchen wares in a grocery store aisle. There are scores of small specialty shops that keep the local economy diverse.

Joey found her buttons in a fabric shop. Under the the glass counter cover they had postcards from New York and Atlantic city. So we tried to talk a bit. It was good even though neither of us were very good with the other ones language.

The fresh pesce market beyond Porta Palermo was closed. Joey asked a lady passing by and she told us that it was closed Saturday and Sunday. So we'll have to come back on Monday. People are nice here, even if they can't understand us right away they try to help.

We found our cappuccino frother in another small shop then started back to the port area.

On our way we came upon a shop, Salumeria Del Buon Sapore (the delicatessen shop of good aromas) that sold typical Sicilian foods. We were able to buy Sciacca olive oil, an interesting Asiago and fresh prosciutto. The local olive oil was the last ingredient we needed for our midday meal.

We also came across this unique building. The Steripinto Palace. Built in 1501, " a rare example of Plateresque architecture with it's ashlars facade with points of diamonds...".
And another wall tile just across the street from the Steripinto Palace.

Back home on the port we had our first home cooked midday meal. Linguine tossed with local Sciacca olive oil, sautéed garlic, Romano cheese, Sciacca acciughe (anchovies) and local sesame seed coated semolina pane. Delicious! And Sicilia vino of course.

After our meal Joey went for a walk and I started a new Drawing with Nature work.

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