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Red coral Sunday camminIare: 19 Febbraio 2012

The weather had turned iffy again, clouds and sun and a slight wind, but we headed out toward Stazzone beaches again anyway. We wanted to reach the "pillar" or "smokestack" on the beach that we saw last time. Daniele told us they were trying to develop a property that was next to the smokestack.

The tiled walk that was deserted last time was a marketplace of all sorts of tools, handbags, household items, DVDs and other very random used and new things. Our typical flea market...

As we neared the beach entry this guy was coming up holding something in his hand. He spoke to us and we tried to communicate. But seeing what was in his hand explained it all. Red coral! The red coral that you can see as part of lovely jewelry in shop windows here in Sciacca. Mostly tiny but some very good sized. He hunted the beach for it and supplied a friend who uses it in jewelry. He said that if you had good eyes you can find it among the tiny rocks that the waves wash in their ebb and flow along the beach.

Red coral? On the beach? The hunt was on!

In a few minutes Joey had found her first tiny fragments. We hunted the wash of the waves as we walked. Joey found some really nice but still very tiny pieces and one that was even still wrapped around its bony core. I found some too. But barefoot Joey even braved the water for the sake of treasure! She was very surprised that it was so cold! We had brought our trusty thermos full of hot spiced rum tea though!

We did finally make it to the "pillar", which was a smokestack with pillar-like detail. It had a firebox that people must use, "per cosa?" we don't know. The area directly behind the pillar was in a state of development. Daniele told us that it has been over five years trying to get the city on board with their plans for vacation rentals and cafe around this courtyard. Quite a vision they have! I envy and admire them. What fun it would be to develop something like that!

We continued past the "smokestack" toward Capo San Marco. The view back to the city is great from out here. We stopped along the way and picked some yellow flowers for pigment.

We made our way back to the Porto and I noticed this small classic white stucco house up on the shore. Lovely.

Back home we had antipasto and from our window overlooking the dock just across the street watched a boat arrive and work to sell its catch. Men coming and going. Refrigerated van stopping and going. Finally the boat pulled out and went back out. Probably couldn't get the price they wanted tonight...

Joey made us a fabulous fresh swordfish dinner with green cauliflower and roasted potatoes!

Another Sunday in Sciacca.

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