Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amazing Saturday Rhabbat marketplace: 18 Febbraio 2012

The last time we were here in 2007 we never made it to the Saturday market at the top of the Rhabbat near piazzas Noceto, Ciaccio and the Mattatolo Comunale. I have it marked on our map as a clothes market. That is a total understatement as to what we found!

But first on our way up we found the Panifico that we stumbled on in 2007. The aroma of fresh baked bread led us right to the door. Panificio Di Leo Angela, Salita Consiglio N. 12. We walked in and were welcomed by Angela who we "spoke" with and a friend of hers who told us about how the cold was making her fingers ache. We bought a wonderful loaf of hot right out of the oven pane and some breadsticks too. She told us she had a relative who lives in Brooklyn! And I said my daughter and her family live there too. We were out the door but she came out and asked us if we'd like to take a photo, so back in we went to take the photo you see below.

Amazing Saturday Rhabbat marketplace:

Note the photo with the pink stucco building is in the piazza where we sat and ate the potato pizza for lunch! The photo after that note the sea out there in view even from way up here!

Oh, there are not just clothes! There are caravan units selling foods! From meats and cheeses to fresh ricotta! To a few dozen kind of olives and nuts to candy and pastries! We finally found Caciocavallo cheese that so many recipes call for (and it's very tasty all by itself too).

Oh, remember the pane we bought? I've been munching it all this time. Now I have cheese and olives to go with it!

Back down toward the Porto we went through Porta Palermo to buy fish. Joey was looking for Swordfish to make for dinner on Sunday. But we had never bought fresh swordfish. I mean fresh! I mean a big hunk of lovely Swordfish is laying there in this outside Pesce stand at 24€ per kilo. So how much do you get? We watched for a while. Asked a few questions that we didn't quite understand the answers to. And watched some more. Finally we say a piece that looked right (about a 7" disk about 1" thick) and asked, "Quanto costo?" He weighed it. About 8,00€. "Si!" He made a slicing motion and we said, "Si". And came away with two nice Swordfish steaks. I swear that the guys in the stand almost cheered that we had made the right decision! Fun!

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