Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Picnic by the Porto: 2 Febbraio 2012

The bestest picnic in the whole wide world:  (Okay. We've had lots of those.)
By Joey 

It was time for pranzo (lunch) so we packed up all our goodies from shopping and made our way to the left of the jetty where we found a little secluded beach just on the other side of Rocca Sant' Elmo.  It's a giant coral-like rock that juts up on the shore defining the eastern edge of the port.  If we say picnic it most likely means, vino, formaggio, oliva, and pane (wine ,cheese, olives, and bread).

The sun was warming us and the rock protecting us from the wind.  A huge flock of birds (tern-like) was amassed overhead and shifting directions so that suddenly we would see hundreds of flashes of white wings and then they would disappear as their wings no longer caught the sun.  This happened over and over again like an amazing dance in the sky.  It was breath taking.  There was a tiny rainbow in one part of the sky and the ghost of a half moon in another.  All we could think was...

And this is our first day!

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