Friday, February 3, 2012

Going back to La Grotta: 1 Febbraio 2012: By Joey

So for our first night in the city of Sciacca, we thought we would visit a favorite restaurant of ours from our last time here in 2007.  We were recommended this place by Doris, our landlord at Fontana Calda, and we liked it so much that with only a week here, we went there twice for dinner.  (The first time we thought we were ordering one sardine pizza and we got two - which was okay because we took one home.). This time we walk in at 7pm, way too early for dinner and ask to sit in the ristorante and we were told by a nice young man that this was not a ristorante.  Okay, now we were confused.  We could see all the tables set up for dinner in the back tucked into a cavern (grotto).  Very cool atmosphere.  We asked if it was not time and he kept telling us it was not a ristorante.  Finally he said it was a pizzeria.  And we assured him that that was alright with us.  One anchovies with Romano and one mozzarella with veggies piled high. Delicioso!! And dinner for another night, too. Note:  Sicilians eat their pizza with a knife and fork.  I picked up a piece I had cut out of the pie and our waiter rushed over with a stack of napkins.  Oops.

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