Thursday, February 9, 2012

Through the Rhabbat to Castello Dei Luna: 7 Febbraio 2012

Very chilly still this morning. On the news most of Italy is suffering through snow and ice.

Our destination today is Castello Dei Luna (1380) and to explore the Rhabbat. The old Arab market district.

The Rhabbat is a wonderful warren and maze of stairs, passageways and roads winding through the area below Castello Dei Luna. We did have a map, but many of the stairways and passages are not on it. Some passages can be traveled for a considerable time or can just as easily end unexpectedly in a courtyard entered through an ancient archway.

At the Piazza Gerardo Noceto we were high above the rest of the city at the edge of the northern wall and Porta San Calogero door.

We found a Paneteria open and bought some cookies and pizza slices. We couldn't resist one small pizza pie with what looked like french fries on it. We asked and yes, "Pizza con patatine"! (it did not please me). We sat on a bench in the chilly sun on the piazza near the fountain and had our midday lunch (good thing Joey packed my flask).

Then on to the castle.

We then wove our way back down the hill through passageways. Past walls that were cut out of the cliff and walls where the only thing left was the old wall covering now explosed to the elements.

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