Friday, February 17, 2012

A lazy Sunday: 12 Febbraio 2012

This morning the sun came out! Don't get excited by the time we got our boots and coats on it was drizzling rain and chilly again. But off we went!

Joey took me back up to that park up near the Piazza Mura di Vega that she found on Friday perched on the top of Castello Luna's wall. The neighborhood passageways are very narrow up in this part of the city. We would pass people with bundles of what we realized were food or pastry on there way to Mama's! Or some relative for Sunday dinner.

We also walked past a school tucked up close to the rock side.

The park is beautiful and the view amazing down over the tops of buildings and out to the Porto.

We found a dry bench under a thickly leafed tree and sat enjoying the place the drizzle and wind failing to reach us under our tree.

We are starting to get the weather thing and packed a thermos of hot spiced tea laced with rum. Ah. What is better that this! (Well maybe two thermoses full of hot spiced tea laced with rum!)

We came down from the park and took a photo looking up at the wall. That is the fence of the garden that we were sitting in up there!

On the way back we came down upon this private terrace garden yard with orange trees growing above the street. I would love to experience that garden yard from up there.

We also came across an old wall with a new apartment building built atop it.

We walked back home through the port area (there were a few "caravans", motorhomes parked there... on Wednesday up in Caltabellotta we met two of the owners... a German couple touring southern Europe for eight months) and went out on far jetty near the coast guard station and looked back at the city.

Then went back home for minesta for lunch.

The rest of the day we sketched, read, talked about making art and relaxed.

Then Joey made "Pasta con le Sarde" (pasta with sardines) for our evening meal.

Pasta con le Sarde - (linguini, fresh sardines, fennel leaves, anchovies, toasted almonds, pine nuts, onion, saffron)

It was fabulous!

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