Friday, February 3, 2012

Morning: 2 Febbraio 2012

As you can imagine our body clocks are trying to catch up. We had a late start today, up at 10 a.m.

We awoke to a beautiful day!

We had our first cappuccino and cannoli at Bar Charlie right next door. It was a bee hive of local activity! What a great place! Friendly and modern! We will be regulars there!

We then packed up our iPads and sketchbooks and went in search of a WiFi connection so we could let everyone at home know we had arrived in good order.

We took the public access stairs winding, climbing our way up to the Piazza Angelo Scandaliato that overlooks the port and harbor.

Then off through the adjacent Piazza Mariano Rossi with my little Pupi.

And our day had only begun!

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for publishing all the photos and the narative. It's great to see where you are and how much fun you're having.

    -- John


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